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Golf Tips and Advice

Swinging the golf club and hitting the ball is the first step, what happens next is up to you. How do you improve your golf game? Find out how from expert golfers and golf trainers with these articles on golf tips and golf lessons for all levels.

Know the rules of golf, its concepts and history. Visit different golf courses and get to know famous golf players in golf history. Explore WestchesterCountyGolf.com for the information you need on everything golf.

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5 Most Important Things To Consider
When Choosing Golf Clubs

Every golfer knows that having proper equipment is essential. Choosing golf clubs has become some what of a daunting task because of the enormous market out there. We have come up with 5 simple things to consider when choosing golf clubs.


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The Beginners Guide To Golf Attire And Style

At the same time that you are learning the game itself, it would be wise to learn about golf attire and style. In any sport you take up there is a distinctive style and code of dress.


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"Think" Your Way To A Better Golf Game

There’s more to a good game of golf than practicing your swing, buying the latest and state-of-the-art equipment, or even devoting your entire weekends to practicing on the greens. Golf is also about mental preparation—what experts call "Being in the Zone". The best golf players are very skilled at concentration and focus, enough to stay calm under pressure, and make calm decisions even when millions of dollars are at stake.


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