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Golf Instruction Articles

Swinging the golf club and hitting the ball is the first step, what happens next is up to you. How do you improve your golf game? Find out how from expert golfers and golf trainers with these articles on golf instructions for the experienced golfer.

Read great golf advice on methods and techniques to raise your performance on the green. Visit different golf courses and get to know famous golf players in golf history. Explore WestchesterCountyGolf.com for the information you need on everything golf.

golf instruction article

Four Steps To Building a Better Backswing

Unfortunately, some golfers take their backswing lightly. Instead of taking the club back slowly and smoothly, they rush it and find themselves in a poor position to start their forwardswing. A poor backswing requires complex adjustments during the swing, which can throw it off. The end result is a slice, a hook, or an otherwise ugly shot. If you want to develop consistency and power - while improving your golf handicap - you must build a better backswing.


golf instruction article

Where Does Distance Come From?

Distance distance distance. Distance is to the golf industry what six-pack abs are to the fitness industry. The mere word itself drives sales of golf clubs, golf balls, magazines, and training videos. We all want distance, but do we even truly understand where distance comes from? It has been said it is best not to seek that which we don’t understand. But wouldn’t it be better to simply seek understanding? The answer to where distance comes from is simpler than you might think.


golf instruction article
The right golf training aid is out there...

Most golfers want to improve their game. Of the many, many choices available, you can find the golf training aid that can help you improve virtually any and every aspect of your game. These include weighted clubs, impact balls, special mats, measuring devices and much, much more.


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