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Golf Tips and Advice for Kids (2)

Top 7 Principles of Fitness for Junior Golfers

Juniors should not be using old out-dated body building routines for golf fitness. The face of fitness is changing and we need to keep pace with what's important and effective for your age, development and goals. Here's a few tips that will keep you leagues ahead of the competition.

1. All physical training should begin with a detailed assessment of your movement patterns. Developing an understanding of how your body is built, physical strengths and weaknesses and postural considerations are key to developing a solid golf program.

2. Body weight exercises should be mastered prior to using additional weight.

3. Training is a process. Young golfers and those who train them should place emphasis on all stages of development including biological and psychological. Golfers are all developing at individual rates and should accept and enjoy the process without forcing a specific weight lifting agenda.

4. Focus on the larger trunk muscles as a priority for postural development. Build a strong base of support and you'll see great results for a lifetime.

5. Always make time for proper rest and recovery. The body needs to go through rest, recovery and regeneration in order to grow and develop properly.

6. Alternate exercises for different parts of the body. Change exercises frequently to avoid accumulated fatigue on any specific area. You can alternate a lunge (lower body) with a push (upper body) with a balance exercise (whole body).

7. Technique and form are never compromised. Your performance will suffer if you choose an exercise load which can not be managed properly. Part of weight lifting is learning how to load and unload your body.

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Golf Fitness Expert

Susan Hill has earned national certifications as a fitness trainer with several organizations including the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the International Sports Science Association, and the American Council on Exercise. She currently trains golfers of all levels at the Sunriver Resort, a top U.S. golf destination resort in Sunriver, Oregon.

As a Chek certified Golf Biomechanic and Sports Performance Nutritionist, she is now among an elite group of golf fitness experts nationwide. Susan has worked with close to a thousand golfers ranging in skills from beginners just taking up the game of golf to collegiate, amateur and tour players looking for a more competitive edge.

She is a contributing writer to Golf Illustrated, a guest speaker at private and public golf clubs, and a published writer on topics of health, fitness and golf. Her work has been featured in Travel Golf, Resort Living, SELF magazine and on ESPN. She was chosen as one of the top three trainers as Trainer of the Year 2003, having been chosen among over 85,000 trainers across the country.

westchester county golf course, golf course reviews

Golf for Kids

Practice makes perfect. And years of practice can make your child the best athlete in any sport of his or her choice. Start 'em young and watch your child go pro in golf.

But where to start? Who to call? Which training program or golf school is the right one for your child? Should you buy those junior clubs or get a used set of adult ones cut down to size? These are essential questions any parent has to consider when introducing the kids to golf.

Search through these golf articles for tips and advice in golf for kids. Explore Westchester County golf courses for a family-oriented and child-friendly golf and country club offering summer training for children on the greens.

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