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Golf Tips and Advice for Kids (1)

15 Tips for a Guaranteed Good Time on the Course

By: Rick Fletcher

While playing golf with my own three boys since they were 5 years old (they're all teenagers now), I experienced my share of funny, sad and rewarding moments with them on the golf course. From watching them enjoy the thrill of hitting great shots to teaching them not to throw golf balls at each other, it's been a wild, wonderful ride. I'm really glad I discovered golf just as I was becoming a father for the first time, at the ripe old age of 31. Its been a fun way to spend time with my kids and help them learn how to cope with the successes and failures that inevitably occur during a round of golf. If I had it to do all over again, here are 15 recommendations I would make to those lucky enough to get the opportunity to go golfing with their kids.

1. Call ahead for the best times for juniors to play and special rates

2. Take a camera to record the fun - digital pictures make great screensavers or wallpaper on home PC's!

3. Set up junior's bag with balls, tees, ball markers and a water bottle

4. On the way to the course, let your junior know you will be teeing off from the tee box, then they will tee off from a closer “kid's tee” about 100 to 150 yards away from the green

5. Get yourself in the right frame of mind for what is about to occur. Your child is depending on you to have an infinite amount of patience and understanding. It will be difficult to show either if you are carrying concerns about other “less fun” aspects of your life. Make a conscious effort to HAVE FUN by considering yourself to be the luckiest person on earth to get the opportunity to teach a great sport to a great kid in a great place. Of all the things to do on earth and places to be, which could be better?

6. Try to rent a cart to make it like Disneyland...kids LOVE to ride in golf carts!

7. Before your first tee shot, teach your junior how to wait until the one farthest from the green hits first and to never hit if anyone is in front of you. Demonstrate by standing to the side then standing ahead of them, so they get a clear picture of what you mean

8. When you arrive at the “kid's tee” location, let them tee up a ball and hit. It's OK to give them two or three tries, remind them you are not keeping score and are just here to practice. Try to use “expendable” golf balls so if they go into the woods or lake it won't be of much concern

9. When you reach the green, let your junior know it is not OK to run on the greens. Also, remind them the “farthest away shoots first” rule still applies and to be still while other people are putting

10. One of the more difficult concepts for kids to learn is how to avoid walking on other player's putting lines, so don't be surprised if you have to remind them several times. It's best to show them how to draw invisible lines to each ball, and how easy it is to avoid walking on putting lines by walking around (behind) the other players.

11. Regardless of what they have seen on TV, it's not OK to throw clubs or balls. It can happen, but a reminder about how you don't like to play golf with people like that can go a long way.

12. Teach your junior how to consider those behind and that it's OK to pick up in order to keep up (their place on the course is behind the group in front). You will have to use your judgment when to pick up on any given hole, but if you pay attention to the group behind and pick up when you see them waiting, everything should go smoothly. If there is no one behind the group behind you, it's OK to step to the side of the fairway and wave them through.

13. When the ball goes into the water or into the woods, it's best to look for a short time, take the drop and hit right away. Trying to keep up with the group ahead while teaching a child to play golf is tough enough without adding time to look for lost golf balls!

14. It's OK to quit when attention fades or if things just aren't going well. If you get off the course before the child gets too whiny or upset, the chances are much higher they will look forward to coming back.

15. On the way home from the course, ask your child what they liked about golfing and what they didn't like. You may be surprised at their answers! Make plans to try to fix the things they didn't like and do more of what they did like next time. After a few trips, you will be absolutely amazed at how automatic the little things will become and how you can then devote complete attention to enjoying the great game of golf together!

Source: allkidsgolfclubs.com

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westchester county golf course, golf course reviews

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Search through these golf articles for tips and advice in golf for kids. Explore Westchester County golf courses for a family-oriented and child-friendly golf and country club offering summer training for children on the greens.

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