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Golf Equipment for Kids

A Great Look At Child Golf Clubs

Since children are the future of the game, a proper set of child golf clubs are essential to their success. If you started playing when you were a young kid you probably were given an old 5 iron, a wood of some sort, and a putter to begin with.

These clubs were usually from your fathers or mothers old set that had to be cut down to your size just so that you could hit the ball. I remember these clubs being heavy, awkward and difficult to swing. Well that has become a thing of the past.

Because of the incredible growing popularity of the game, most of the the big golf companies are coming to their senses and realizing there is a market for child golf clubs.

They are designing and manufacturing sets strictly for young boys and girls. These sets are made with the size, strength and ability of the young junior golfers in mind.

Some of the features include...

1. Lightweight club heads(irons, woods, and putters). This allows the child to swing the golf club more freely which helps to generate more club head speed and allows for maximum distance on each shot.

2. Shorter, lighter shafts. This allows the kids to have better posture and setup over the ball. It also encourages better contact with the ball instead of hitting or digging into the turf.

3. Higher or easier lofted woods and irons make it much simpler for the kids to get the ball up into the air while discouraging those worm burner shot s that run along the top of the ground.

4. Smaller and lighter kids golf bags designed so the littlest of golfers can carry his or her own clubs around by themselves. This eliminates those big adult bags that can very quickly tire out a little guy.

5. A lesser number of clubs in each kids golf set. This makes it easier for kids to figure out which clubs to use, and also make it lighter to carry. A set typically comes with a higher lofted wood, 3, 5, 7, 9 irons, a wedge and a putter. Some even come with a golf bag.

6. High tech junior golf clothing designed the same as the adult clothing. They come with all the same great features such as moisture wicking properties, stretch and flexabilty, UV ray protection, cooling systems in the fabrics etc.

7. Light weight kids golf shoes that make walking around the course a lot more fun. Kids golf shoes used to be big and heavy. Not any more, as all the same technology is going into kids shoes due to the huge demand.

8. Great top of the line junior golf drivers. Parents can now buy drivers for their kids that almost exactly the same as the adult one. They're almost like miny replicas, just a little smaller so the juniors have an easier time swinging them while getting the same benefits.

All of these features have become important factors in kids golf equipment. It frees the children up to really enjoy the game along with encouraging them to improve and become better golfers. Child golf clubs have made the game of golf easier to play for kids.

Once your kids have the proper equipment you can also find out from your local golf pro about junior golf clinics, 1 on 1 instruction, tournaments, events and lots of other things set up strictly to help kids learn and enjoy the game.

But most importantly a set of child golf clubs will get the kids outside with other family members and friends and allows them to do what kids do best, HAVE FUN!

Source: golfequipmentsource.com

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westchester county golf course, golf course reviews

Golf for Kids

Practice makes perfect. And years of practice can make your child the best athlete in any sport of his or her choice. Start 'em young and watch your child go pro in golf.

But where to start? Who to call? Which training program or golf school is the right one for your child? Should you buy those junior clubs or get a used set of adult ones cut down to size? These are essential questions any parent has to consider when introducing the kids to golf.

Search through these golf articles for tips and advice in golf for kids. Explore Westchester County golf courses for a family-oriented and child-friendly golf and country club offering summer training for children on the greens.

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