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Golf Course Architecture

Golf course architecture requires not only knowledge of golf but also a full range of skills in landscape design. Golf course architects are actually artists at heart and their canvas is the land on which the golf course is going to be built on.

Each golf course showcases a golf course architect's talent, vision and intimate knowledge of the challenges required in playing golf. A golf course, according to the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA), "A great golf course must, like life, offer intrigue, diversity, mystery, and the opportunity to experiment; it must require creativity and problem-solving; and it must challenge your limits, and test your character."

The following are some of the greatest and most famous golf course architects whose works are showcased in Westchester County Golf Courses. Get to know them and their work.

Golf Course Architect: Jim Fazio

At 58 years old, Jim Fazio has never been hotter as a golf-course architect.




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